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NOTICE: This site and its content are created here for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and meant to stimulate Connection, Communication, Compassion and Critical Thinking.   Nothing here is meant to replace any advise from any legal, health or other professionals.  Not all opinions expressed on this site are held or endorsed by the owner of the site.  This is just a platform to share ideas, stories, concerns, inspirations and resources.  Please do not attack the middle man/woman...the messenger.   It is just a space and a call to Love in Action...the intention towards fostering Connection, Communication, Empowerment, Compassion, Healing and Growth for us All.

This community site wishes to acknowledge respect of the Witsuwit'en territory and the diversity of all peoples and cultures that reside here.

November 2021

In our beautiful community there has been polarization for a long time, well before covid.   Covid has triggered many to finally start expressing their frustrations and concerns with the "governing systems" through gatherings, letters and other means but I feel that their message may be getting lost or is unclear.  One call to action is towards more communication, witnessing/hearing, understanding and compassion around ALL the view points and stances from the actual people in our community (not politicians or leaders being paid to represent groups or ideas) is needed.  Who are we?  Who makes up our beautiful community? Who do we trust? What breaks someones/peoples trust? How do we rebuild trust? What is safe? How do we come to heal together? What is the meaning of life???? ohhh the questions to ponder and I hope through this website and podcast platform we can discover some of the answers, connections, tools, resources, and much more together and celebrate in that together as well. 


This is my attempt to build a platform that fosters Connection, Communication, Empowerment, Compassion, Healing and Growth among ALL individuals within our community. 

This platform, as you will notice, is a work in progress and will evolve (or devolve) as it goes.   I am a complete rookie at this stuff and terrified about what I am actually doing here...but I don't know what else to do...and I can't turn my back or run me I have tried!  I love this valley and I have stubborn roots here.  So...this is a heart project towards a dream I shared last winter. Check out my blog post if you like to hear it.

I am willing to give this a shot and see what happens over the weeks/months to come.  If you feel called to join me in any way please reach out....

Our Mission & Values

Fostering Connection, Communication, Empowerment, Compassion, Healing and Growth.

Inspiring one another to live with Honour and Consciousness while contributing to greater Compassion, Harmony, Peace and Love among us All.


Our Vision

Everyone is on the path to greater well-being and living in greater harmony with one another.   Contributing to a "system" that Empowers All people, encouraging and providing support and resources for All to be leaders in their our own life.  To feel heard and given the opportunities to evolve into the greatest versions of ourselves with the desire to live with honour, love, compassion, peace, joy and the golden rule- do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

Our Mission

If you feel called to contribute in anyway...thoughts, voice, skills, ideas, services, support,....

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