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Promoting Inclusive Communities, Greater Awareness and Compassionate Inquiry- Fostering connection, communication, collaboration, empowerment, compassion, healing, learning and growth...

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Snowshoe morning at the BV Nordic Center


10:30-  Snow shoe with Torben and friends.

            Torben and friends will lead a warm up with some fun exercises.


10:50- Snow Shoe the Way Home groomed trail.  1 km.  

           Challenge to do 3 laps or more. 


11:30- Lodge for snacks and social

            (If anyone would like to contribute to the snack potluck please 

               bring something to share)


This will be another great event to foster more inclusivity and connection with others within our community.


Thank you BV Nordic Center and all those that support these projects. 


See you there! :)

Torben – Shine Together Projects

Edge Community Connection Projects



“I want to grow Inclusion and understanding of the leadership potential that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have.” Torben Schuffert


Gathering # 2 --> Keeping the momentum towards creating more awareness and inclusivity within our community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


All ages and abilities are welcomed.  Even though, as a small group, we may not be able to meet the needs of everyone to participate, anyone is welcomed to join us for social and snacks after.  These events are not necessarily about the activity(s) being offered but rather the connections being made among us.


We have permission to use one of the groomed trails near the lodge for this event which will make this very user friendly for anyone on snowshoes.  


This is a FREE event.   Thank you BV Nordic Center for collaborating with the Shine Together mission.


Smithers Special Olympics has offered a few pairs of snow shoes for people to use.  Please reach out to Torben and Sandra if you would like to borrow a pair.


If you feel called to....Please Subscribe to this site and you will get email when we add a new blog post/survey/podcast response or other sharings.  Please join us along this journey :)

PLEASE REMEMBER---This is a work in progress --- I am not a pro at ANY of this and just trying to create a platform for more connection, communication, empowerment, compassion, healing and growth within our community...WE can build this together and find ways to unite, connect and support one another together...its not a one being show ever :)

The following events for connection, communication, empowerment, compassion, healing/learning, growth...

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The Inquiry Questions:

  1. What does community mean to you?

  2. What connects you to this community?

  3. What is your history lineage and/or culture?

  4. What is something in your life that inspires and/or empowers you and has influenced the way you choose to live. 

  5. What are one or two things that bring you joy?

Bonus questions for the theme of gathering:

What does Non Violent Communication mean to you?

What qualities do you think make for a strong leader?

What does Love in Action mean to you?

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EXPLORE Non Violent Communication

Promoting Inclusive Communities and Greater Awareness.

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