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Hearing from the local people through interviews and survey questions around current issues, personal experiences of our elders and community members, sharing lifestyles, challenges, successes, history, story-telling, support, guidance from community healers and health advocates....and more :)

WORK IN PROGRESS----- but check out these inspiring podcasts :).   

Canadian podcaster Shaun Newman.  He has interviewed folks like Brian Peckford, Dr. Eric Payne and many others and has such a great outlook on things.  Truly stoked to have discovered his podcast!

Links to a couple outstanding ones I have heard:

Joseph Bourgault and Theo Fleury (Inspiring and empowering at least for me- Dream Big Team Canada)

Brian Peckford: (Charter of Rights and Freedoms history)

Ron MacLean - (different perspectives....nice to hear this discussion)

Dr. Eric Payne: (open minded about vaccines)

Dan Bulford: (great discussion about the covoy)

Heading 2

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