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Another Local Connection In Ottawa & Other Speakers Around Media Concerns

Thank you Jason Ehrlich--- Truly great to hear about your experiences in Ottawa so far. And Thank you for your Courage and Vulnerability to share your thoughts with us. Keep feeding the Peace and may we find our solutions to move forward soon. Thank you for your sacrifices to be there.

Jason's Blog

Fired 20-year Global News, News Director Anita Krishna Speaks Out

Interview referred to by Anita speech -- CTV with Jeff Gaudry. Thank you for speaking up. GREAT responses Jeff!! Thank you for speaking your truth regarding your experiences. This is not about vaccination...its about mandates and passports, and the many questions and concerns we all have had. And yes it is an inconvenience for SO MANY not just people in Ottawa... it sucks that it had to get this far... so please Trudeau and all politicians start talking to the "truckers" that represent many Canadians concerns and questions and lets get a plan made and start actioning it towards a better way for us all! This is not a fringe minority movement. --- Note: Check out my blog post on Charter of Rights and Freedoms (link will be here soon)--- PEACEFUL protests are necessary, if other ways of communication have continually been ignored or/and suppressed. It would be cool if we could drop into silent meditative but still informative physically present protest...super hard for Anyone to do especially in a mass of people...but would be cool I think. :)

Another Politician, Garnett Genuis, speaks out to the situation!! He requests fellow politicians to go out and actually talk to the people in the convoy!!!

THANK YOU!! "Let's try to understand. Let's ask those questions." Note: I listen to the person and hope they are speaking from their heart. This guy seems very RAD :)

A friend sent me this so I thought I would share as well--

Bill Maher Podcast Episode 589 Spotify

Other opinions on what is going on in Canada,--- Bill Maher with Vivek Ramaswamy and Marianne Williamson

Short version:

Link to full episode:

Corporal Daniel Bulford & Premier Brian Peckford speechs on February 12, 2022.

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