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Back to Normal?? Inspired by Swing Kids!! We all need to dance more!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Back to Normal??? I have to express my concerns as I am inspired and empowered by Brian Peckford, Rex Murphy, Eric Payne, Shaun Newman, Marianne Williamson, Swing Kids and MANY others, local and afar, that speak from heart, experience, wisdom, courage and vulnerability.

We are NOT back to “normal”… -the unvaccinated still cannot fly and still are losing their jobs or are not allowed to return to their jobs, even though many mandates are lifted, flights don’t even require PCR tests now and more science, as it should be, is coming out about MANY things regarding pandemic. Curious why other countries like our neighbour USA allow people to fly and have now removed all mask requirements supposedly…how and why are we so different??

THIS CONCERNS ME and with my privilege I can NOT conveniently dismiss these concerns to make my life easier, more comfortable. Our Canadian complacency is why we are here… we have failed well before this to sincerely address the suffering of others around us.

I had a question recently asked “what could the settlers have done better when they came to Canada?”… My thoughts...They could have asked more questions and not assumed their entitled leaders were right about everything that they were told about the Indigenous. They could have worked to build relationships and understanding of one another and the different perspectives and ways of living they all had. They could have stood up against the division projected by the governments/leaders/influencers towards Indigenous and settlers. Governments with the aristocratic influence had their agendas and many settlers were coming to Canada because they were oppressed in their previous country(s). Many settlers were in survival mode and believed what they heard in order to survive and create a new life in a new land.

NOW…currently many of us are not necessarily in survival mode, as a privileged society, yet some of us continue to ignore, dismiss the suffering of others. Life tends to be better when you believe a narrative that serves you and others in your bubble well. I have had people backing away from me cause they don’t want to discuss these current matters…they just want to go back to “normal”. Our “normal” before pandemic is why we are in this mess. Our society(s), our people, are traumatized and we need to rebuild the connection among us.

Quotes from Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry material “Safety is when you can move people out of their defensive mode into their social engagement mode and that has to do with connection.” “That loss of connection with oneself and with others makes people afraid.” “Anxiety is the fastest growing diagnosis in Canada, because of the lack of connection. Politicians know how to exploit that fear, that has nothing to do with existence of an actual threat. There is a sense of lack of safety and fear which then politicians will exploit as in "let's get the druggies and the drunkies off the street, let's make our neighborhoods safe". That was the previous federal government's attitude towards addicted people - to make them into enemies and threats. In countries, including Canada, when it comes to funding the military and oversees wars, leaders use that sense of threat that people have, which has nothing to do with the external threat. Last year 2800 people died of opiate overdoses. How many Canadians died of terrorism, ever, ever? I don't mean last year, I mean, ever. A handful.”

I am worried about our country’s direction and the continued support for our current “leader”. Do people really think it is ok to project hate towards others? To not allow open dialogue? To choose force instead? There are many highly recognized doctors and scientists that would love to have open discussions with our Public Health representatives, (scientists, doctors) yet this is still not allowed or pursued. It is insane to me. Regarding the continued travel ban and job loss without allowing or insisting on further public open discussion after 2 years is insane to me. There is more than one option for us to move forward on…life long vaccination, booster after booster, is not the only solution.

Here is a link to some of our “leader” comments and actions over the years.

Is this a democracy leader?: This is worth a watch if you wonder why people are protesting for freedoms...

Great article highlighting some of his actions in the past--- you cannot make this stuff up--- it is there on record….

I truly am concerned for our country and I am grateful for those like Brian Peckford, Rex Murphy, Eric Payne and many others that are courageously standing up for more understanding around matters that greatly affect many Canadians. Around 15% (6 million) people are unvaxxed. I am and will continue to be curious to understand their decisions and to build relationships/connection. I am vaxxed and that is one reason why I feel safer to post these things and question.

Interview with Dr. Eric Payne --- great insights to evolving science and the convoy—listen to the second half especially to the end… these guys are sincere.

Brian, Rex and Marianne have been around for some time and they have insights worth hearing and considering.

This is a GREAT podcast with Brian Peckford sharing the history of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Article-

Rex continues to ask the challenging questions and points out things that don’t really line up. Reminder that critical thinking and dialogue are so important.

Marianne—this link is only available until Friday but all her talks are insightful and empowering. She calls out our complacency and how we are not powerless and we are in a time of great change if we choose to change and step up for what many of us have taken for granted…our democracy.

Swing Kids

The movie Swing Kids in grade 11 hit me very hard. I will forever remember that moment of complete sadness (gut wrenching, snot faced, tearful) and desperation that was triggered in me around the deep desire to be strong enough to die for my values rather than to become a Nazi. Nazi were not all bad people … they were just like the settlers and SO MANY other groups of people that were brainwashed by an aristocratic systems agenda. Yes some Nazi were easy, quick and even eager to believe the narratives but others were under threat and in their own survival modes (fear—fight, flight, freeze) and made the best decisions they could under those conditions. Denial and justification are tricky little monsters that can pull us from our core values and deep knowings based in love, service and well-being of others. We all need to dance more :) Link to Swing Kids: Such a great movie!!! This preview holds a powerful message…

Thank goodness studies have been done around human behaviour over the years… I hope we can value these studies and practice to actively choose differently and evolve our human tendencies that feed fear, division, authority/control, entitlement, etc.

Here are some examples of some experiments done in the past:

The Milgram experiment is a famous psychological study exploring the willingness of individuals to follow the orders of authorities when those orders conflict with the individual's own moral judgment.

According to Zimbardo and his colleagues, the Stanford Prison Experiment revealed how people will readily conform to the social roles they are expected to play, especially if the roles are as strongly stereotyped as those of the prison guards

Elliott sent the brown-eyed children to lunch first and gave them a longer recess. The brown-eyed children could drink from the water fountain, but the blue-eyed children had to use paper cups. The change was instant, Elliott said. The children with brown eyes were suddenly more confident — and condescending. Jane Elliott (née Jennison; born November 30, 1933) is an American diversity educator. As a schoolteacher, she became known for her "Blue eyes/Brown eyes" exercise, which she first conducted with her third-grade class on April 5, 1968, the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

I believe we all have to do our healing work and find ways to come back together....there are many forces that often thrive when we are wounded and torn apart. I have great Faith in us :)

“Tolerance shouldn’t be something you’re continually asking for, tolerance should be something you’re continually offering.” Well said Russell Brand.

A Truly Beautiful song to listen too!

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