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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms & Charter for Children Books

Brian Peckford is a former premier of Newfoundland and the last surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "Thank you Mr. Peckford for your continued involvement in the Canadian political scene and for especially mounting this constitutional challenge at this precarious time."

Empowering Speeches with Brian Peckford:

Brian Peckford’s Speech at Convoy for Freedom 2022, Victoria BC (Official Video)- Jan 31, 2022 .

Powerful short version of this clip:

Brian Peckford at the Freedom Convoy rally in Ottawa on Feb. 12, 2022.

‘Let us declare to the world today that we have a right to be right here. Let us declare to the world and to the prime minister and all the premiers of Canada that we have rights and freedoms that they cannot take away from us.'

Canadian Constitutional Crisis- Brian Peckford- The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Dr. Julie Ponesse- The Faith and Democracy Series-- Ethics professor who lost her job because asking questions and unvaccinated.

I listened to this speech many times before bed this past fall as I deeply struggled with having to get the second vax.


Dustin Milligan is a native of the charming village of Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island. He currently practices law in Toronto, Ontario. The idea for The Charter for Children first emerged when Dustin was a student at the Faculty of Law at McGill University. He was concerned about the accessibility of information pertaining to our fundamental rights and freedoms. Over the course of six years he collaborated with a host of legal professionals from all different backgrounds in order to adapt the heavy language and lessons of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into a child-friendly format.

It is an amazing series and there are lesson plans for teachers to reference as well. Please visit their website.

I have read a couple of these books onto youtube to share with you all... I will add links to others that I may read as the weeks go by.

Link to The Plight Beneath The Northern Light

The right to meet and form groups

List of books- With links to the readings on YouTube.

1. A Large Jaw in Moose Jaw — The right to participate and be included 2. Anne of Green Tomatoes — The right to be safe and secure 3. The Case of the Missing Montreal Bagel — The right to privacy and security 4. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lobster — The right to speak, sing, and laugh 5. The Golden Hook — The right to believe and have faith 6. The Plight Beneath the Northern Light — The right to meet and form groups 7. The First Flock — Certain rights based on Aboriginal heritage 8. The Greyest Tale on the Yukon Trail — The right to be treated fairly no matter what colour you are 9. Alexander the Grape — The right to be considered no matter how old you are 10. In the Hoofsteps of Emooly Murphy — The right for boys and girls to be treated as equals 11. The Two Two-eyed Potatoes — The right to choose a best friend 12. Little Courthouse on the Prairie — The right to play and be free 13. Bario Leblieux — The right to learn in French or English

14. An Unusual Thrill on Parliament Hill — The responsibility to respect the rights of others

Note: Publishing of books 2012-2015.

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