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Community and Connection Events these next couple weeks!!

Updated: May 25, 2022

WOW!! Next couple weeks are all about Connection!! Please spread the word :)

Wisdom of Trauma Documentary is being shown for FREE/Donation to our community on Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday there is FREE Coffee, Thanks to Proton and Restore's passion to contribute to our community and foster opportunities for connection :)

Followed by Bike Week May 30-June 5 feeding more Connection, Health and Well-Being and Building Community for us all!

Huge Thank you to all those that make these things happen!!

Links for info-

The Wisdom of Trauma:

Free Coffee and Time for Connection:

Bike Week:


I am truly inspired by all the effort people put in to make these community building events happen.... many volunteered hours. Thank you for these opportunities to foster more connection and healing among us all.

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