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Community Inquiry Club Continues

It has been a long time since I posted. We have done four community inquiry gatherings and I am so grateful to all those that have shown up to share in this initiative towards exploring and honouring leadership and connection with others, compassionate inquiry and non-violent communication. If you want to see more info check out this blog post:

I wanted to have these posters here for my own track record of this wild during of creating this website. It keeps evolving and I am grateful for all that I continue to learn and grow through, as hard as it may be at times.

The next community inquiry gathering will be in April or May sometime I think, as I am putting more energy towards other community connection projects.

Past Gatherings:


Our intention, in producing this film was to inspire an active movement towards a trauma-informed society, a society where: • We recognize the prevalence of trauma among all of us • We learn to notice and feel the trauma symptoms in ourselves • We acknowledge that whenever we have an emotional reaction, an old wound is being triggered • We understand the imprint of trauma on our behaviors and its impact on our relationships • We recognize the pain in others and understand how that pain might be driving their behavior • We see the real person underneath the behavior and the trauma • We support connection and compassion as the foundations of safety • We know that the experience of safety is the beginning of healing • We understand that all trauma is intergenerational

Non-Voilent Communication

It is all a practice... we must all do our own inner work and support and empower others to do the same :)

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