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Glance to the Past on my process with this...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I am sharing this here, as this is part of my recent history around having concerns in our leadership. In November/December 2019 to the end of February 2020, only a short lived couple months last year!, I dove into trying to understand things more and taking actions to foster more communication, connection, empowerment, healing and growth...I quickly burned out. I have done this in the past as well around striving to better understand our energy resources and environmental concerns but burn out super fast as well....Life is a journey and I will keep striving to do my best...

Here is my first interview with Angela, a few months after the first local Smithers rally in December 2020. The rally was to demonstrate and draw attention towards the questions and concerns regarding lack of transparency and communications during the pandemic. Of course it was quickly dismissed as anti-mask, anti-vax and freedom fighters rather than any further interest to understanding what was going on for these concerned citizens.

This bothered me and confused me, and led me to stumbling across the Peoples Union with Nicole, from Quebec in 2017. Nicole speaks about the globalization concerns and our responsibilities as Canadians. I love her passion. I found these concerns very interesting last year and now even more so that I actually have watched Canada Opportunity with Justin Trudeau on the World Economic Forum 2016 and Klaus's statements around half the Canadian cabinet being onboard with his plan that no one wants to discuss publicly and the information on the social credit system that is on our government website (see links below). Things are slowly coming together.... still super confused but some things are definitely lining up more. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

February 1, 2021

Video with Nicole from Quebec in 2017--

The blog site I created shares my motivation behind getting more involved in this back in January 2021...

I have a dream...

Evolution of Inclusion....

Inclusion posts:

Feel called to add this as well--- I am grateful for people like Dr Astrid Stuckelberger PHD for asking questions and speaking up.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is a scientist, researcher and teacher for 25 years at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and of Lausanne. She also invited professor in academic training in the world. International expert in different health and public health related issues, he main areas of work concern population and individual health issues, gender, aging, equity and social determinants of health, disruptive innovation and health technologies, human rights and ethics and WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) and policies. She is recognized as a pioneer science synthetic analysis engaging in new evidenced models of preventative epigenetic medicine and disease reversibility (4P and 3R medicine). She published 10 books currently translated, and more than 170 scientific articles, policy papers, governmental, European Commission or UN reports. She appears in the media and considers sharing and debating science with the public as an ethical duty of scientists.

Learn more about Doctor Astrid Stuckelberger here at:

Link to short clip to why she feels called to speak out:

Link to full Interview- very interesting...

Just in case you have not seen the Canada opportunity with World Economic Forum here are some links to why there are some concerns and questions.... (there are many other reasons as well, as I am sure you know of, this WEF and Chinese social credit system stuff confuses me most though)

Trudeau speaks in this one about the Canadian Opportunity:

House of Commons recently refuses to address simple WEF question...Why?? ... why can there be no dialogue around these matters that are troubling many Canadians? (this one is gone for some reason)

Schwab admits he controls Trudeau cabinet of Canada now and the world

here is the original... go to 1 hour :08 min for it...

Flashback: Trudeau Praises China Dictatorship

Trudeau says Canada will not stop calling out China for "coercive diplomacy"

This is interesting here as well about how conspiracy theory grew... I am not sure on any of this stuff.... I just want more dialogue around vaccinations, mandates/passports, vaccine injuries and this Canadian opportunity and WEF with Trudeau and Cabinet members?

Government of Canada website- Big data and the social credit system: The security consequences

Government of Canada website- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

Bill C- 10, C-11. --- I don't understand all this stuff but with all the other stuff going on it makes me curious and possibly concerned.

I really do not understand all this stuff... and I am getting more clear in what I need to do for my own peace of mind and well-being. I am truly grateful to all those that are challenging and questioning our "leaders", and striving to keep them open, honest, transparent, accountable and FOR the people.

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