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Grateful for those pursuing more understanding and accountability around current events in Canada.

I found this short clip to be very powerful and feel called to post here. There is a lot that concerns me about the ongoing leadership of our country, our province and our community. Something still feels so ugly and unjust....I do not trust this mans words at all anymore or our mainstream media... I am open to heal this distrust but to do so I need more understanding and open dialogue. Wake up Canada:

I have kinda stepped back from all this heavy stuff for the last few weeks as I continued to dive in and explore Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Self Study course along with participating in the inquiry circle 10 week program. It has been a powerful 5 weeks so far ...tomorrow is the half way point. Grateful for the awareness around trauma growing and becoming more mainstream.


I am Deeply Grateful for those that continue to challenge our leader(s) authoritative discriminating ways and persist with the desire for more understanding and open dialogue around the decisions and bills in the HOC that are being discussed and passed while majority of us are distracted by other matters.

I have always found it interesting and disturbing how majority, myself included, can be more concerned about matters at a distant than the ones that are directly in front of us. The division, discrimination, censoring and fear in our own country, province, community is a real thing growing and increasingly unstable .... I believe we need to feed connection among ourselves with those in real-time reach and I believe that those efforts will not only serve the ending of wars in Ukraine and Russia but all wars where the governments/corporations/elite, choose violence and sacrifice of their own people to save/grow in their greed and power. We the people have to come together and have our questions and concerns openly and willingly heard and debated. I believe we can do this.

Some calls to action if wanting to support any of these pursuits for more understanding and accountability. (Note: I may continue to add here as more come up...there is lots going on and hard to keep up!)

Federal Travel Ban Lawsuit Update - Call to Action - We CAN win... and here's how.

Court facing compelling testimony from Charter signatory Brian Peckford as action proceeds to strike down vaccine travel ban

We are going to court to get Trudeau's "secret" documents about the Emergencies Act

Interesting articles from True North:

Shout out to Rex Murphy as well for all he is writing/speaking to. One narrative is NOT the way ESPECIALLY when other narratives are silenced or/and not allowed equal consideration on mainstream media. Thank you Rex for continuing to be curious and questioning things!

Toronto Sun has some VERY good video links here with interesting perspectives on current matters...Once again so grateful that people are being skeptic and share a desire for critical thinking. This is a great article with video links worth listening to.

I appreciate Jordan Peterson and many others as well for their efforts to raise questions concerns and awareness around the treatment of all Canadians.

Jordan Peterson - (I find some of his stuff intriguing...makes me think more and question my own thoughts around things)

There are many others that raise great questions: Shaun Newman Podcast has many great interviews with various folks and he has a desire to hear all sides who are willing to engage.

I also greatly Appreciate all the effort in the north from those that are working towards building a healthier community where more dialogue and connection is prioritized.

There is a real concern among many Canadians and we desire more understanding and open dialogue! Thank you to ANY politician (I don't care about the party they are with) that is willing to put their neck out there and ask for more information and clarity around matters that have and continue to greatly affect many Canadians--- this is the way to Peace not hurt/trauma, fear, division and war.

Links to some HOC speeches:

Anyways.... I woke up this morning to great music and I have great faith we are in a wonderful beautiful time in human history and I am excited to see us come together more than we have ever...

These beautiful musicians sharing their hearts and divine gifts give me great peace and certainty in this .

Love you all!! xoxoxo. . Get your groove on

So many beautiful songs out there!.... Feed your heart and soul with vibes of love and big dreams! Shine bright

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