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Hearing from the People in our Community Survey Responses

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

These responses will be continually added to as weeks go by...newest ones will be entered at the top as it goes along.... End date February 28.

I greatly appreciate the time that folks took to respond to these questions. Thank you for your courage to share. I have no idea who you are but I honour you all so very much and send love and light your way.

Not all responses are posted here. And comments are mixed, not in any order.

As of Dec 23, 2021-- total 8 responses

As of January 16, 2022 -- total 18 responses

How long have you lived in the Bulkley-Nechako Region? Why do you choose to live here?

-majority of responses include-- community, mountains, lifestyle, music, friends, family, beauty....

- Here since kindergarten. Just a nice place to raise a family

-Almost 20 years. Beautiful location. Family history.

-38 years. Community.

-20 years, access to nature and its accessibility

-14 years. Quiet, quaint, outdoor activities, music, community

-Born here

-5 years; love the mountains & variety of climates to explore

-Whole life. Family and my roots

-32yrs. I moved here for family, recreation and the beauty

-37 yrs I love the nature that is at all our back door.

-62 years. Family, friends, connection.. here is where we call home

What are your concerns around covid and/or vaccinations? How have you been affected by this pandemic?

-unable to travel to important medical appointments

-My concerns are that we are seriously affecting our economy and tge mental health of our population over something that has not lived up to it’s claims of being deadly for all. We have reacted harshly implementing a psuedo mandatory


-I don't really want the virus or the jabs, both look like they're terrible for your health. How have I been affected... Well, I've lost all trust and respect for the people in our healthcare system(they tried to kill my brother, yes, really), which includes a uncle, a good friend and my mother in law. Many people I used to hang out with a lot are either avoiding me, or harassing me to join the jab cult. Masking and other protocols at work are ridiculous and I hate being there, even if they are not tightly enforced. My job medically discriminates. My relationship will likely get eaten up by this covid beast, so I'll have to find a new home. Mentally I'm exhausted. Emotionally numb. Physically, I've lost some weight, so bonus.... and not sure if the bleeding issues I have around people who are recently vaccinated is mental illness or not, coin flip on that one but the coincidences are hard to ignore. On the bright side I've met a lot of new people I really like, and the freedom fight is one I love being in.

-I am distressed that we fired Healthcare workers who chose not to be vaccinated. So wrong. I grieve over the fact that so many people are living in fear. I grieve over the divisiveness that has developed. I grieve for loss of community and closeness. I miss people.

-Super tired of all the misinformation, the non-scientific "information", the politicization of a health issue, the Americanization/Trumpism being touted by local neighbours.

-Haven't been able to travel like I used to

-Too many lies/ too many fear tactics being used from govt and health authorities. Too many are profiting as they own shares in the vacine supply companies. They force the vaccine (which isn't a vaccine so they had to change the definition of what a vaccine is to meet their narrative) which should be a conflict of interest and they must recuse themselves or be removed from making decisions as they have these profit investments. Vaccines were rushed, no long term studies done. Media is corrupt and paid for. Won't do studies on adverse reactions. Never has a vaccine killed so many people. This MNRA technology was stopped because it killed 30% of the animal test subjects... 30% !!!! And was classified as not safe for human use... yet here we are listening to drug companies who only stand to profit that it is safe.

-I’m tired of all this BS. For myself and my children.

-The acts of suppression by our gvnt to implement control over our rights and freedoms

-Vaccination mandate, adverse reactions (short term and long term). Affected: feel isolated, cannot express my opinion without being judged and out in a box, feel as though only one opinion is right when speaking with a variety of differ t people

-No concerns from covid, just from the government response to it (forcing vaccinations, encouraging divisiveness & discrimination)

-I serious concerns re Covid and vaccinations. I believe Covid has been purposely over exaggerated by the governments and press while simple remedies are available for their own agenda. This has has been at the expense of all people for fear and all that is associated with reactions to this fear. I totally do not believe an experimental vaccine is or should be advised for when the common individuals have 99.97 change of succumbing to Covid. No health suggestions have been given by any public health office? Why not? Not exercise, not vitamins instead the idea of vitamins D, C zinc fresh air, all have been denied as care. Everyone has been affected world wide.

-Forced into getting it but i'm still alive, if i die earlier than expected it could be from environment, things I've ingested or hereditary also. I love to travel & want to live my last years doing what makes me happy- for that i traded the vaccine.

-That it’s too new, I feel it will be years before we see long term affects. I am really concerned about vaccinating children! I feel like I have to defend my decision to not be vaccinated and definitely feel bullied to comply.

-My main concern is the mandates and the one narrative. Personally I haven't been impacted much

-Totally disagree with vac mandate, should be up to the individual. I do what I can to prevent from getting Covid but will not fear it. Feel like an outcast because of not being vaccinated.

What resources do you have to support yourself when feeling challenged, frustrated, attacked, angry, depressed, confused, alone, etc.?

- doing what I am doing here

-God. Christian community. Family. Friends.

-The health freedom community has been wonderful. Other then that I mostly read, had to cut down to almost nothing on the beverages. Anger drinking never did me any favours


-Inner strength, fight for the kids and their future as this country is shaping up to be very different in the coming years.

-I value my ability to do real research, to understand the facts, to understand the science. I talk to friends and family whose opinions, education, and intelligence I value.

-My faith in God and the intimacy of that relationship keeps me hopeful.

- Friends and Family

-I am spending a lot of time reading about how to allow myself to navigate more coherently throughout the world this said I feel we need to change the direction collectively to one most fits the group

-inner guidance, meditation, friends, phone conversations with family

-I support myself by going for a walk a long quiet walk, by centering myself in my strength of knowing my heart. By watching only positive podcasts.

-Self-confidence from lifelong in-depth knowledge of my values & beliefs, regardless of what is going on around me

-walks in nature, practicing gratitude daily & cbd oil

-My faith sustains me and constrains me from attacking with anger and hate from those who are of a different opinion. Also can talk things out at home as we are all on the same page.

-Family and friends....fresh air and nature.

What qualities and engagements would you like to see in our leaders? (Premier, MLA's, Mayor, Environment Ministers, Northern Health, etc.). Define what leadership is to you.

-looking after the best interests of the people, not themselves or political interests

-Less left wing agenda pushers. Demonstrate benevolence and have the courage to recognize when policy is not benefitting our communities and make changes. I would like to follow leadership that follows Jesus.

-I want to see a robust debate about all the health measures, and the evidence they have to implement the ones being rolled out. I don't see ANY debate. Leaders should be able to justify their decisions

-I would appreciate it if they would be respectful of individuals. We say we value diversity but that is not evidenced by their actions. I also would like to see truthfulness...not half truths to manipulate.

-Lead by example. Address the misinformation and get better at communication. Promote education so we don't end up in this situation again, being but at risk by the willfully ignorant and uneducated portion of the population.

-Leadership is knowing what you don't know and use the education and expertise of those that have the resources to help guide you

-Stop the dictatorship and listen to the doctors who are speaking out. Use the proven cure, not the forced vaccine.

-I think if the leaders followed with the people versus implementing their own propaganda and creating situation to Fosse and then using those false facts to support their direction and how great they feel or they need to deal I think with myself a lot additions are leaders are selfish they care only about themselves and the leaders of the north are no different

-Dialogue. Listening. Respectful. Educated and willing to see beyond no mentality. Allowing autonomy.

-All need to be removed

-Honesty, equal rights for all, listen to the people.

-Honesty above all but it appears to me that once at a certain position in Government you trade off honesty & values for your position while TRYING to make a difference.

-I would love to see actual truth and genuine movement of support for everyone. Leadership should lead by example with integrity and honesty, transparency. Our governments at all levels have displayed quite the opposite.

-A leader is one who encourages others to be all they can be. A leader does not have all the answers and needs to rely on and encourage those around him or her to rise up and do what needs doing. A leader is not threatened by others succeeding.. as a matter of fact they love to see others succeed!

-I would like to see a leader who is not tied to corporations and can effectively use ideas from the wisdom of people who have knowledge in their chosen fields

-Consulting with stakeholders & constituents, knowing and respecting the charter of rights & freedoms; humility

What is your big audacious dream for the future? What values do you want to inspire and empower in others. What kind of community do you want to contribute to the creation of. What is your happily ever after for our elders, children and youth, yourself and those not even born yet?

-That we would live in a community that honours God and strives to do what’s right by his standards. Subjectivity does not create freedom. My dream would be that we would truly love God and our neighbours.

-At this point I'd just like a shack in the woods with a big green house. I don't want to contribute anything to a society that will sell out my rights and freedoms for a temporary relief of their own fears. I do work with the local health freedom group when I can, it's a great support network, good and services are also trades which is nice. My big dream is people recognize their trauma and stop doing things that hurt their community, I'd like to leave that world to the kids.

-Kindness abounds. Freedom to gather and fellowship. Respect for diversity.

-I have lost so much faith in humans in general after seeing the selfishness of people who claim they don't need society, or who claim to be Christians but don't care about their neighbours. Ignorance is inexcusable. I hope our future generations learn how to tell fact from fiction, to not let their fears overwhelm their common sense, who can see that science is repeatable and provable, who don't disparage intellectualism. I hope our future generations aren't as stupid as this lot has turned out to be.

-Everyone's happiness is different. For some it is a house, a family. For some it is a day on a lake, river camping. Whatever your happiness is live it. Live it now, not just the future

-Get our freedom back

-Open and helping to all and not living in the fear the media has created. Stand with your neighbor and respect their decision/ choices. One where all sides of the debate are considered to fight against government overreach.

-A loving community without division

-It is clear that the leaders that are currently here and the powers in government will not relinquish control …..This means that the future must be created for us by us without them we need to create a new economy outside of that which the government control an end that we will be able to do things more friendly and when they want to step in and control us we will have the resources off set what they are trying to do -Collaborative autonomous and connected. Peaceful, equity, active and regenerative. Supportive, kind and compassionate.

-My dream is for people to work together and help each other out when needed. To be more content and no greed. Listen more and not judge each. Look after our environment more for the generations to come.

-I envision all communities working together to strive for an economy that is governed by the people for the people. We strive to build local economic businesses not corporate. We support each other by shopping within our local communities, back to the basics, where everyone helps their neighborhood and kids are safe in their communities. Education is the truth of the world we live in. Not that which creates a power for the $, but one of knowing the truth of energy and the real world that exists. We work together and all feel safe and abundant in that safety.

-Living within our means (not just financially, but sustainability), less of a gap between rich & poor, stop giving corporations the rights as people, stop subsidizing multi-billion dollar corporations, stop saddling taxpayers with cleanup costs for oil/gas/mining

-World peace where everyone can agree or disagree but not without violating or compromising each other's opinion.

-I want our children and grand children to have the same opportunities we have had.. freedom to make decisions, freedom to work and care for their loved ones

-That all people are empowered to move through life with teachings of good nutrition, heart centered learning, and no big commercial interests control in what we eat, think and do

What questions do you have for our community and for our leaders? Are there any questions you'd like to suggest to add to the next months surveys? Is there anything else you would you like to share with our community?

-I would like to ask our leaders what they are doing to look after the less fortunate in our community and how I could help. I would like to share my time a resources to lift people of our community up

-I'd like to know why people are holding on to this fear cycle? Even the ones who can accept good news about the virus, and went and got their shots, and feel good about that choice seem to be committed to the doom spiral we're in. It's madness.

-I commend you for taking action

-What are they doing to try to unite the people? Are they willing to sit down and really listen to the concerns people have and take to higher government, if needed

-Leaders: to open their minds to the other narrative. To practice luminal thinking and go beyond their beliefs and question the status quote and why so many people are angry and hateful. Question what is freedom and how do we protect freedom and autonomy while offering public health. Question why our planet is so sick that a virus is apparently so dangerous. Question at what point do we take away civil liberties in an attempt to coerce public into following a public policy not for health reasons but for political reasons. Take yourself out of your shoes and into the future 20 years. Imagine what your future self would like to be saying to you now. Imagine a world with angry mobs that have not been intended to and the consequences and imagine how you can move through this transition with grace and compassion.

-Can we be self sufficient. Can we create a local economy. Can our leaders believe and support this kind of endeavor.

-I am so disgusted with all leaders at this point I ask no questions as I believe the answer would be another lie. Thank you for doing this survey. My message to the community is remember what is important, friendship, trust and integrity, honesty and trust. How do we get back to this place when our grandparents lived in a community they built and were proud of. Everyone was in it together instead of this power and greed trying to outdo others to have more all the time. Does it make you happy? Really happy to have all that stuff, no time and all that stress or maybe if you took the time with family, just quietly sit back and imagine what life would be like to sit together each night and talk, play and build back communication. Blessings🙏

-Why are you afraid to stand up against leaders above you? You have been elected by us and we need our voice represented as well.

-I would like our leaders to maintain a logbook of all of the people they have been in contact with and demonstrate as they are passing laws to promote vaccinations that every member that are on that lockdown have been vaccinated and they follow the rules. I know that some of our leaders household are not completely vaccinated and they are not being open. I want to start seeing if I can passport as public knowledge your whereabouts as a leader should be public knowledge. everyone should know where you are at all times....

-Keep trying your best to be fair to others that maybe are not from your party.

Personal note: these comments are NOT TO FEED the drama and division amongst us but to rather gain a glimpse to the different experiences people are having…and possibly draw on some curiosity and a desire to connect and understand one another better… find that middle ground where we can explore ideas and solutions together.

Do not feed hate and quick judgements… I believe we are in a time of truly looking inward and calling on our honour and strength to do our own inner work and find the ways to forgive ourselves for our ignorance towards others, remembering that when we point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Growing in self-awareness and healing is a long and wonderful journey to walk along when you share in it with others. None of us are perfect but we all have a beautiful light within that wants to shine. I believe as we do our inner healing, learning, growing work that the light gets stronger and less burdened with our wounds and pasts, and our courage to shine brighter will inspire and empower others to do the same.

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