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Hearing from the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Survey Responses

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

These responses will be continually added to as weeks go by...newest ones will be entered at the top as it goes along.... End date February 28.

I greatly appreciate the time that folks took to respond to these questions. Thank you for your courage to share. I have no idea who you are but I honour you all so very much and send love and light your way.

Not all responses are posted here. And comments are mixed, not in any order.

As of Dec 23, 2021-- total 9 responses

As of January 16, 2022 -- total 20 responses

For what reasons did you choose to get the vaccination or to not get the vaccination?

-Something in my heart said "Don't do it". I waited to see what was going on and researched everything I could find about these jabs and the more I seen and heard of people being injured or killed is what confirmed my gut instinct not to take one.

-I got it so that I could continue to be active in employment and other activities

-I got the first dose thinking I don't want my daughters to have to get it and I will be part of the 70%. But then the narrative started changing, people were silenced and so much seems wrong. The coercion is wrong. How did we in Canada get to this state??

-Not vaccinated. Fear of vaccine injury. I have natural immunity. I live a healthy life.

-Getting vaccinated is the smart, unselfish choice. I am helping to keep myself, my family and friends, and society in general safer and help to make this pandemic end all that much sooner. I am a scientist, I read the journals and the research on the work done to create the vaccines, and I understand the processes involved, including grant writing for scientific research. I am intelligent, well-read, and care about society as a whole. I recognize that we are all dependant on each other and have a duty to stick together.

- Friends who had covid had bad experience and after effects. Friends in medicine were in support of vaccination, parents chose to vaccinate, arguments against didn't make sense to me


-When they announced that they had a vaccine, I was excited and relieved. When I read that the vaccines were mRNA, I decided to wait and see what the side effects were going to be, if any. I'm in a low risk demographic, so I was willing to wait and take my chances with the virus. Then people I knew started having side effects from the shots, including: shingles, cellulitis, virtigo, abnormal menstruation, stroke, and death. That solidified my choice to.

-I will never put an experimental vaccine in my body

-Not sure about the technology. Didn't feel I needed it.

-I had no good info on why I should

-Better chance to fight covid

-No, Not enough information yet

-Chose not to get it because (1) that is my right and (2)the science is only in experimental stage with no long-term studies on human health outcomes

-I will never put an experimental vaccine with a 99% survival rate in my body

-I wanted to protect myself, primarily. The other important side benefits relate to 'the greater good.'

-forced to if i want to travel, could care less about the rest

-I feel they are pushing a product that has not been given the test of time

Are you aware of the pros and cons to the vaccination? Please share your thoughts.

-I feel there are no pros. The cons are injury or death, if not one of those potential for long term injury and potential death. Viral shedding after vaccination onto those who are not vaccinated. I don't think these should be called vaccines as there are no long term studies like other vaccines went thru nor the side effects these ones are giving.

-Yes. I do not feel at risk to COVID. I feel at risk to the vaccine. I have hashimotos and work daily to fight this autoimmune disease daily in a natural way. I feel the vaccine would restart this process.

-There are so few cons to outweigh the pros that they are honestly not worth mentioning. All of the fears around the vaccine are based on ignorance and refusal to engage in intelligent discussion.

-Not all

-Yes, to put toxic substances has never protected you

-The studies one can find all across Europe, South Africa, and Israel have shown that the efficacy of the shots wanes and eventually becomes obsolete. I do not see why I should raise my risk of severe illness for such a short window of "protection" against the virus, when I am already in such a low risk demographic of becoming seriously ill from the virus already.

-Zero pros other than having more “rights” to do things like travel

-Nothing science based only theoretical or rumour


- I don’t think that they matter. The fact that vaccines are being mandated in order to participate in normal activities is the issue. We have always taken the risk of getting a cold when we leave our homes.

-I believe so. It's difficult to get a clear picture.

-These are all well covered already in the media

-Yes, more reasons not to do it than to do it so far

-Yes - short-term only as all previous attempts at human mRNA vaccines failed because they killed too many people

-yes as i personally know of 6 unvaccinated died. I've also read lots on long term effects of getting covid. If i was younger I may have different ideas. I want freedom for the rest of my life. I've taken chances & played odds all my life. I have too many friends who died too soon / before covid so tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I've had to get vaccines to travel so probably already poison in my system..

-I think the reactions and side affects are not being shared and I feel we are not being given direction in our health care to minimize the affect of Covid on us if we do get it.


What has been your experience with or without the vaccination? Please share as much as you feel comfortable to share.

-The only people I have had bad encounters with are people who are extremely pro vaccine. I have been spat at, cursed at, excluded from society, and just today someone told me that if someone dies from covid without a vaccine it is because they deserve it. This rhetoric is becoming more and more common, our own PM has asked the question "how long do we tolerate the unvaccinated?" My question is, how far is the government willing to go? How long until I am not allowed to buy food or face hefty fines? How long until the government starts rounding us up? The propoganda and rhetoric around the unvaccinated becomes so hateful that otherwise good people start acting out in hatred towards us? These are the questions that plague my mind when I go to sleep and when I wake up. We have all read our history, we know where this behaviour leads.

-Feel much more comfortable being vaccinated, knowing that even if I get sick, there is a very small chance that I will end up in the hospital and/or die. Also much less likely that I will pass it along to someone else who may be more vulnerable. I am very angry at the people who refuse to be vaccinated out of fear and then ignore the scientific information that is widely available and peer reviewed

-segregation from some businesses, crazy looks when I won't wear a mask in stores from some people however that is starting to change as more and more people are refusing. I'm disappointed that we cannot travel or go to events and gyms. We have been healthy the entire pandemic aside from a little bit of a sore throat and sneezing at the beginning of the "plandemic".

-Feel somewhat ambivalent toward the vaccine but sadness for the division it is creating by excluding the unvaccinated from so many healthy things

-Family members have lost their jobs because they will not get could also happen to me because I am not fully vaxed. My mother's dementia has gotten decidedly worse since the second dose and she is hardly there since her booster. I have known of many people who have gotten fully vexed and now have been diagnosed with fast acting cancer (2 have died). my small world I have witnessed to people who suddenly died from massive strokes.

-I feel coerced to get the vaccine. I feel like many joys in life have been taken away. I cannot board a domestic flight within my own country.

-2 shots with no side effects, not even sore where needle injected. Have not had covid

-Well to see the msm lying and people complying is very frustrating

-We are a healthy family we have experienced vaccine injury/allergy and are not willing to risk life.

-100% division. Complete attack on our freedoms and rights.

-I get to serve the vaccinated even though they don’t want to serve me.

-I feel fear brought on by media and government policy/mandating. However most of the people I am in direct contact with have been very accepting.

-Division. Period.

-Being vaccinated, age wise I'm an older adult, and I have a health issue connected with my lungs, I have not been able to convince all the members in my family to get vaccinated. I accept they have thoughtfully made a decision different than what I'd prefer. We meet outdoors with our masks on.

-When i didn't have it , i got late start, but vaccinated people really think those not are ill informed and called stupid. now that i'm vaxed i don't have to be part of that negative conversation anymore. I may not have enough years left to even see if i will get something horrific from vaccine. I need to live each day & be grateful for what i have not worrying or thinking too far ahead.

-No vaccination and doing fine

-I have been refused entry into certain places, travel restrictions have kept me from seeing my grandchildren, I have had to change how I work as I can not meet with anyone face to face And I am no longer wanted where I have volunteered for over 10 years

-No side effects from vaccination and glad to have opportunity to get vacinated

-Up until now taken almost all available vaccines


Do you support the vaccination passport mandate? Please share why or why not.

-absolutely not. I believe this would eventually be used to control and monitor individuals movements, health, bank accounts, food they are allowed to buy and anything else they could contrl and monitor

-No. It is divisive unnecessarily when less segregative measures could be taken to protect at risk factions

-Completely. If you are not willing to be vaccinated to help support the society that sustains you, then you don't get to be a full part of that society.

-Do not support the passport mandate. It has not helped. Very divisive. I am ashamed of who we have become!

-No I do not. I am open to getting a neg test but even that has been taken away. The vaccine efficacy is not working. The risks are higher than the reward.

-On the fence about mandate but do support vacc8

-No, they arr only in place to take away freedoms and segregate friends and family and leads to further surveillance

-Absolutely not, it’s unjust. Segregation and unnecessary.

-Absolutely not. It is useless, and it spreads hate.

-NO! And nobody should!

-No. I haven't found any evidence that it does anything but divide people unnecessarily.


-No. I don’t think that any medical treatment should be mandated. It should be a decision that I make with the advice of a conpetent, honoorable medical peofessional.

-Not at all, we should be free to choose, especially with an unproven and minimally tested injection


-No - it normalizes discrimination, and encourages those vaccinated to socialize as if there wasn’t a pandemic going on, even though they can still catch and spread the virus (regardless of whether or not they show symptoms)

-I support the need to show if you are fully vaccinated with medical / religious exceptions. That will allow over 75% of the population to lead a near normal life.

-no there doesn't seem to be valid enough reasons to force on everyone. There are alternative treatments to prevent & lessen symptoms if you get it but big pharma won't have it! These reports are from very smart scientists & Drs who are only trying to help the patients so they can live after contracting. It's sad state of affairs & my heart goes to the younger generation. Absolutely NO to vaccinating children.

-I should have autonomy over what goes into my body and my Canadian passport should be my right as a citizen of Canada.

Are you aware of the Health Freedom groups and what they stand for? Please share your thoughts.

-Yes I am and I'm so grateful to the organizers and members of this group. There is so much support, expertise, information and new community of like minded people who are part of these groups.


-I am aware of the groups but don't know exactly what they stand for

-Yep, the ones who still think vaccines cause autism and the like. The spoiled people who have never lost a loved one to a preventable disease. The willfully ignorant who refuse to engage in intelligent discussion.

-Yes and I am so happy people are standing up for our rights as Canadians.

-Heard of some, can't really say what they stand for. Some Statements made i do not agree with


-Yes, a bit. I am afraid of radicalization on their end as well.

-Some of them, but not a lot of details

-Yea. I like them.

-Yes. I believe they stand for bodily autonomy whether in favour of vaccination or not.

-Yes. Because of covid I. do not agree

-I am aware of some folks wanting the right to decide to vaccinated or not.

-Yes but it is a group i defend but find most citizen don't really understand the true meaning of the group as i've had to explain to many & they thought different after i explained group to them & some still think the group is nutz. Never will everyone think the same but time to open some eyes as long as done in respectful way & target govt & not citizens entering a craft sale. People in this town have been hit hard economically & need to sell their wares to make ends meet. Target government and i think the town would be more accepting by more public.


Personal note: these comments are NOT TO FEED the drama and division amongst us but to rather gain a glimpse to the different experiences people are having…and possibly draw on some curiosity and a desire to connect and understand one another better… find that middle ground where we can explore ideas and solutions together.

Do not feed hate and quick judgements… I believe we are in a time of truly looking inward and calling on our honour and strength to do our own inner work and find the ways to forgive ourselves for our ignorance towards others, remembering that when we point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Growing in self-awareness and healing is a long and wonderful journey to walk along when you share in it with others. None of us are perfect but we all have a beautiful light within that wants to shine. I believe as we do our inner healing, learning, growing work that the light gets stronger and less burdened with our wounds and pasts, and our courage to shine brighter will inspire and empower others to do the same.

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