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Locals Share Experiences & Live Press Conference with Organizers

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Somewhere there is truth... Please check out these clips if you are open to more than one narrative. And if not...I ask you... why are you holding so strongly to one narrative? Why are you afraid to hear something else? Just curious....


Thank you Murray Hawes for sharing your experiences here!!

Personal Note: I truly am praying everyday that our politicians start to talk to the organizers of the convoy. These discussions are way over due. When people are put down because they have questions and concerns around the science and mandate decisions of one narrative over these many months, there will be a breakdown eventually. And from my own personal experiences reaching out to seek more understanding and engagement in more than one narrative over these past couple years, I have not gotten very far and it's frustrating.

One significant red flag for me is why is it ok for our prime minister and many others to make harsh statements towards a group of people. Why is that ok and cheered on by many and fed into the mainstream media repeatedly? I am confused by this and it scares me... I do support the desire for change and more open dialogue and communication with the people and our politicians but I do not feel I am racist or any of that for having this desire. It bothers me so much to be judged this way because I have concerns and questions to what has been going on in our country these past couple years and well before covid times. We should not be afraid to ask questions and request dialogue. We are not stupid and our public servants need to recognize that many of us are not reaching out to complain, we actually want solutions and actions to come out of the time spent together. We are in this together, we are Canadians, so let's talk and together find solutions that serve us all and do not promote division and fear amongst us.

The fact that our prime minister and other politicians have still not reached out to the organizers of the convoy (ones in this interview) is shocking and scary to me. And I am even more concerned if the majority thinks that this is ok. If we want this to end then let's start talking and working together.

Important: I do NOT support or agree with any sort of violence, racism, terrorist, etc actions and if these organizers become of that nature or condone that nature then it will be a different understanding for many people and I hope and trust that will be reported just as equally on either/all stream (s).

I truly and deeply continue to pray and send love to all sides and harms no one...and I believe we all have to do a lot of personal inner healing/growing work throughout these times, if we are going to come out together through all this. I sincerely am feeding Love and is the only way and I believe in unicorns :) ...anything is possible!

I had to add this here!.... THANK YOU RAQUEL!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

She is speaking for so many of us!! Yes time to build a bridge!!!! Thank you for expressing our concerns and frustrations with the leadership so clearly and with great conviction!

Note: I do realize that talk is cheap but at least talk is finally happening and acknowledging the truths of so many that are not as privileged as some. For some reason Martin Luther King's quote keeps coming to my mind "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." I trust that this Courageous Love and Unity Freedom Convoy will hold those accountable for their negligence and will not let this happen again and that we will be working towards a better society that serves to bridge the gaps rather than promoting fear and division as it has for SO MANY YEARS not just these past two... THANK YOU TRUCKERS for Shining so Bright and waking up many people to major issues in our country. Canadians are amazing people--we can do this--we can build the bridges and make our country true and free! I also just have to add since I am so stoked on all this.... in the interview with the convoy organizers they actually discuss bring more spirituality into our society!!! I LOVE this!!!! anyways... must go to bed!! I feel hope and not so crazy and afraid. Thank you . Much Love xoxox

Raquel Dancho gives POWERFUL speech on the current state of Canada

Live coverage with the organizers of the convoy- National Telegraph- February 6, 2022

In this interview they say how Pat King is not a part of the original convoy. Go to the 32 minute mark. There are many people involved in this movement but mainstream media targets those that will create the most controversies. It would be somewhat ok if they also included more of the information by the leaders of the convoy such as Tom Marazzo but that would not serve their narrative as well, I guess.

Also there is direct proof here in how CBC cuts out "unacceptable views" from one of their reports...proving that media is edited to suit a bias need. I am not surprised that they do this's been obvious to see the bias reporting for years, but now enough is enough our society is falling apart because of it.

I feel called to keep adding to this post--- just got this February 8-- another live interview with the organizers.

Another Local!!!

Another Local- Jason Ehrlich Blog:

My comments on News and Situation:

I have recently watched Global and CBC and I just ask that they encourage our politicians to speak with the organizers and to at least strive to connect with the other media sources out there... If the organizers and others do not trust mainstream media then there is a reason for needs to be rebuilt... maybe if they start sharing other points of view and strive to foster connection among the people things could get better??? What I see on one stream and then on another stream are different and that is a concern and confusion. Why can't mainstream include a variety of views?? To silence a group or belittle their concerns and questions over these many years, is not right in my opinion. (Once again I do NOT condone violence or racism, etc and those individuals or groups should be held accountable for their actions).

No one is born hating:

Link to video I made:

Links included in the video:

ADDING THIS HERE --- February 8 evening---

So grateful some politicians, even liberals (note I never pay attention to the parties...I hear the person and that's it) are now speaking to our concerns and questions...Thank you Joel Lightbound! Yes you are bound for more light in our country!! Thank you for speaking up! and Thank you for addressing the disgust and rejection of nazi flags and extremists, and for requesting the need to end protest but to ALSO hear the concerns and Finally respond and address them...that we are not all equal and that many have suffered more than others over these past many years (even before covid and have been conveniently labelled to easily dismiss)... Thank you for your honest support and sharing these truths and concerns for so many...and offering a vision...and addressing the Truckers...which we know were doing this for all Canadians that have had concerns and felt afraid to speak or were silenced...Thank you for all that you have spoken to... Thank You!! Yes!! Stop dividing Canadians! Thank You Joel Lightbound!

I have attached a few links--- GLOBAL NEWS: (YES!!)

Great shorter clip:

Full press conference on CBC!! YES!!

Have your say: Was Ottawa right in declaring a state of emergency due to the protests?

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