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Local Jamie McCartney, Olympic Coach, shares insights, concerns & Solutions on current & past events

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Jamie McCartney recently returned from coaching at the Olympics, contributing to the Canadian bobsled team bringing home two Bronze Medals! Jamie is the performance lead & technical push coach for bobsleigh Canada and he says his title as a professional is kinda unknown, haha, but often gets called an athlete development specialist.

I had the honour of meeting with Jamie and we discussed many things around what has been going on here in our beautiful country these past couple years. He has an extensive background and interests in many things from performance coaching, mental and physical training, psychology, overall health, nutrition, well-being for our future generation and politics. I greatly appreciate his desire to find solutions and set up action plans to work towards those solutions. His open mindedness and willingness to discuss these topics is also greatly appreciated. Jamie is a huge gift to our community with his desire to help individuals achieve their best and his willingness to share his experiences from all over the world and the knowledge and insights that come from that.

Take a listen to this first part of our meeting and you will see what I mean.

Link to interview:

Jamie McCartney -Part 2 - regarding March 24 mandates for Healthcare workers


Jamie McCartney- Part 3- regarding convoy funding and the long term effects


Note: We discussed so much and I may be adding to this post some of the other cuts around the recent Pfizer report. We plan to meet again and focus on certain topics for each interview. This was our first meeting and we got carried away and covered everything!! haha... Truly appreciate all that Jamie can speak to and his open-mindedness and willingness to discuss these matters with anyone.

**If any doctors or pro-mandate leaders would like to meet with Jamie for an interview and discuss these matters publicly, Jamie is more than willing to do so. He has a strong desire for open dialogue and advancing his knowledge on the matters.

Links to some resources from videos are attached at the bottom of this page.

Jamie McCartney Facebook Posted Videos from August/September 2021

These videos are from 6 months ago but still ring true... I find it concerning that we still have not had this sort of informative videos from those implementing these mandates/passports that have greatly affected so many people over these past many months... why? the long term damage of the division and projected fear and hate towards a group of people is significant. I personally know many folks going through divorces or break ups, losing jobs, been injured by vaccine etc.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Links to some resources from Interview (Parts 1-3)

News Clips, from last year before mandates, of Bonnie Henry and Trudeau speaking to the concerns regarding the implementation of vaccine mandates. As well as clips from Trudeau's election campaign.

Coronavirus: Trudeau opposes vaccine passports in Canada, says it would have ‘divisive impacts’

GoFundMe head testifies over Freedom Convoy fundraising, says most donors were Canadian

GiveSendGo co-founders blame government for not telling them it had issues with 'Freedom Convoy' blockades GoFundMe’s president and general counsel speak before the House of Commons public safety and national security committee

BC Dentist speaks out:

🚨 URGENT 🚨 Did you realize that your access to healthcare will be severely disrupted after March 24th? This includes access to medical..

Recent Pfizer Report:

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