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Local's experience in Ottawa during the final days of Convoy & feeding Connection and Compassion.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

I share my interview with Brian, who is from Northern BC. It takes so much courage to speak and exist in one's personal experience at the best of times, but during these covid times even more so, it seems. I admire Brian for his courage to travel across the country to feed his desire for better understanding of the situation.

He shares some great stories and feelings. His great appreciation for our healthcare workers is felt by so many of us. I cannot image the experience of emotions Brian and many others went through throughout those last few days. From chants of love peace unity with the desire to resolve their concerns and questions towards mandates/passports, to fear of being beaten and tossed into jail.

Thank you Brian for your courage and vulnerability to be real with us.


It is truly a crazy time in our world. I am empowered by Dr. Gabor Mate's vision for a trauma-informed society. I personally believe that if we cannot begin to heal the division among our own communities then we are not fully able to serve others, such as those in Ukraine or Russia, as well as we could. Yes money and physical support is huge and important, I am not denying that, but it is the obvious action and I feel that one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in now, provincially, federally, globally, is because we have not collectively put enough energy (not money) towards healing ourselves and honouring one another's unique journeys. Opening our hearts and minds to better understanding our human nature and one another, and embracing the often challenging, yet rewarding, journey of healing and growth. We all have something very significant in common...we are human beings and the prevalence of trauma is among all of us.

I have made this video to feed connection and compassion amongst us. There are many who have not felt supported or safe to express their concerns and questions throughout these covid times and even before that.... being open to hear other perspectives and experiences is a starting point for feeding connection and compassion towards one another. Rise above the vibration of fear and division towards the vibration of love, connection and harmony. Indeed life is a journey, not a destination. One step, one conversation, one day at a time.

Link to homemade video here or click on image or link below:

Links to all the video clips within are attached on the youtube page.

Link to Wisdom of Trauma website:

"Dr. Maté worked for over a decade in Vancouver’s Downtown EastSide with patients challenged by drug addiction and mental illness. The author of four books published in over twenty-five languages, Dr. Maté is an expert on addiction, trauma, childhood development, and the relationship of stress and illness."

A good interview with Dr. Gabor Mate: Finding your authentic self in an inauthentic world

Another great resource by Irene Lyon-

"Your nervous systems governs everything – your cells, your blood vessels, your immune system, your endocrine system, your muscular system, your digestive system, your brain and brain signalling pathways … everything! The only problem is that most of us are trying to heal ourselves and “fix our problems” without FIRST taking care of our nervous system. Which means all that work we’re doing won’t be able to give us true, lasting change & relief."

There are many resources out there to work towards healing trauma and our nervous systems. I will do another blog post with resources sometime in the future.

Why good leaders make you feel safe. Ted Talk with Simon Sinek, in 2014.

"it is better that we should all suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot," After listening to this talk I wonder where we would be if our politicians, ministry workers, other financially secure corporations, etc. had took these words into consideration...

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Simon's WHY is to inspire people to do what inspires them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better.

Interview with Rex Murphy

"Rex is a Canadian commentator and author who deals primarily with Canadian political and social matters. He is best known for working on and for CBC Here and Now, CBC Radio 1’s Cross Country Checkup, writing for The Globe and Mail, and writing for The National Post. He is a well-recognized and loved figure."

The Catastrophe of Canada- Rex Murphy and Jordan B Peterson:

National Post: Rex Murphy-Trudeaus inexplicable use of the emergencies act must not be forgotten

Saturday Night Live Skit--- gotta have a laugh now and then :)

Beautiful Poem by Faytene

Link to Faytene reading her poem:

Link to Poem:



By Faytene

I can't sleep.

So many images from today.

So many sounds. So many emotions. So many thoughts for a nation that I love.

People doing their best, on all sides, whether wrong or right -- caught in the middle of an ocean of tragic stories that brought us to this point.

People standing out of a desire to feed their family -- whether the trucker who lost his job over the vaccine mandates or the armed police officer trying to keep his in the moment.

One armed with a job, a weapon and an order.

One unarmed, with little more to lose.

Eye to eye. Toe to toe.

That is what we saw all day. Today. In our nation.


Then there was the elderly war vet, pushed into the ground and tackled by several strong officers.

The irony of that moment: stunning.

The colossal dishonour: devastating.

The media: silent. Very oddly silent.

I wanted to find him and embrace him so badly. To this moment, still wondering where he is and if he is ok. My heart, crushed into the snow with every inch of his body. Wondering what was going through his mind as those from a generation he fought for repaid him with this callous assault.

Praying for his heart, and mine.

Reading the many reactions here, on Twitter and on Instagram. Those devastated. Those rejoicing. Those praying. Those mocking. Those stunned. Those determined. Those asking. Those justifying.

...and a nation broken...

Sometimes, for a bone to properly heal, it has to be broken and reset. Maybe that is what is happening right now.

Eyes are being opened.

Things we thought could never happen in our nation are happening.

Stunning spin.

A shaking wake up that may bring the re-alignment our nation has so desperately needed.


Our nation is broken.

With warm tears, my hope is for the healers.

The peacemakers.

Not the pacifists.

The peacemakers.

Those that aren't afraid of getting in the middle of the mess to do the hard work of honest, respectful dialogue in pursuit of progress and healing.

Those that aren't afraid of their fellow Canadian.

Those that aren't afraid of disagreement, but also aren't addicted to it.

Those that can look in the face of their positional opponent and not see an enemy but a human with a name, and a story and a reason for what they believe....very likely a good reason.

I am tired of the shaming and the labeling. Tired of seeing hate and judgment in the name of tolerance, diversity and one sided science. Tired of politically motivated leadership, on all sides.

I think most of us are, even those that do it.

But even though I am tired -- we are tired -- we have a moment of opportunity to put "tired" on the bench and give the peace makers the stage.

I'd like to propose that the peacemakers are us. Each one of us.

This is the moment where each one of us must dig down deep and ask ourselves an honest question:

What kind of a nation do I want to be a part of building?

One full of hate, division and animosity?

Or one full of love, compassion, respect and kindness?

I don't think being a peacemaker is a specific political action, or position. it is a posture of spirit in every engagement.

Speak. Yes.

Speak the truth. Yes.

Speak the truth in love. Yes...but only true greatness can really do this when the heat is on.

We have learned that first hand these past few days.

I don't feel like I have a lot of answers tonight, mostly just a waterfall of thoughts and tears for our nation.

All I know is this: The starting point for healing will come through the peacemakers.

Peacemakers governed by the three things that remain...

Faith. Hope. Love.

The greatest is love.

And when love is tested, it is all the more precious.

Canada, tonight I will weep myself to sleep with genuine grieving for the pain and trauma of this season and earnest desire for our healing.

In the morning may we rise with childlike hope that maybe, just maybe, we are being broken to be reset and mended.

(Please forgive any typos. My eyes are tired.)

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