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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

I am offering these times to connect with others in our community. Simple time for focusing on Love Peace Joy and Gratitude. A break from the heaviness, the fear, control and separation, that is being felt at this time for so many people. A time to get back to what is important. Or at least what I feel is joy...gratitude...and many other simple natural life-giving things :)

Anyways join me for a time to honour one another and build up our capacities for love, peace, joy and gratitude...and forgiveness. I believe from this place we have greater ability to authentically connect with others and build healthy relationships among one another and within ourselves. I also believe in the power of people coming together and I feel we need more connections around our true nature of peace, love, joy and gratitude these days.

Monday evenings 9:00-9:20PM

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Friday mornings 7:00-7:20AM

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May we spend time in the Growth Zone and Learning Zone. :)

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