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Other Calls to Action---Brainstorm and share :)

-Podcast survery around current issues- survey monkey link --- post bi-weekly/monthly questions?? Read the need for names unless they request their name to be shared. Rather keep it safe and not worry about names.

-Podcast local healers and health advocates-- reach out to connect with us (sign-up link or something). Arrange interview and following add their info to the resource page with links.

-Podcast local history story-tellers-- what was their experience growing up. option to write in or pre interview ???

-weekly group "meditations" -times for being and connecting with others in silence.

- Empower hour--- drop in mastermind groups --- zoom calls --- feeding connection --- podcast themes??? Such as empowering people to speak up/show up if they are not for something or have concerns...such as decisions around mandates...

-Advertise anyone that is doing something that aligns with the theme of connection and promoting well-being and growth and healing

-would love to offer NVC practice sessions... promote more conscious communication





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