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Sharing Concerns and Questions around the BC Passport Program Survey Responses

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

These responses will be continually added to as weeks go by...newest ones will be entered at the top as it goes along.... End date February 28.

I greatly appreciate the time that folks took to respond to these questions. Thank you for your courage to share. I have no idea who you are but I honour you all so very much and send love and light your way.

Not all responses are posted here. And comments are mixed, not in any order.

As of January 16, 2022 -- 24 responses

Occupation: Private Sector, Local Business, Public Sector, Family, Other

Surveys response from people in retirement, education, construction, forestry, mining, family, trades, retail and public and private sectors

Should the province continue with the BC Passport Program?

Out of 24 responses---5 yes, 19 no

What are your questions around the BC Passport Program?


- No questions, it's a serious violation of rights

- None , it’s about control and tracking

-What measure of success was the BC government looking for and will the data be made public?

-How is this program legal? It can’t be!

- How did we get here?

- How does it work for people with MEDICAL exemptions? do they require proof?

- Why, when we see many still getting Covid once vaccinated, is the mandate still being pushed as the only solution? Why were we looking for herd immunity only to change it to 100% vaccinated?

- Why it is not more widely/strictly enforced

- No question….. there should not be one!

- Why it isn't being used consistently

- How can anyone think this is reasonable program?

- Why are we forcing small businesses to enforce? What is the justification for segregating unvaccinated people now that the truth about transmission is clear? When will it end?

- Vaccinated still contract/transmit covid so no justification

- When will it end?

- What is the province hoping to accomplish? Omicron came to Canada via travellers who are double vaccinated (they are the only ones allowed to fly). All this had created is more division in our community. Vaxxed or unvaxx can spread and get covid. So then what does the passport accomplish except to alienate “others”.

- Is the passport program being effective. I think not

- Whose making all the money off the vaccines required?

- How is this program helping safety for people when both the jabbed and unjabbed transmit and get

What are your supports or concerns around the BC Passport Program?

- The passports have created a huge divide in communities and families. They have also created a huge distrust for the integrity of our medical system. It's a sad time when health of an individual is dictated by a government body and not between a patient and a doctor.

-PEOPLE CHEATING or BEING UNTRUTHFUL i.e. endangering others who are vulnerable at catching the virus from the unvaccinated.

-Alienation. Separation. We have 80% of consensus on this vaccine. That is incredible and worthy of celebration! When else do you get that high of agreement on any topic? The ones who will not get the vaccine are at least/only 10%. The only way to accomplish 100% would be through force or extreme measures (no food/lodging/banking/fines/jail/detention). Is that who we are? I want to live in a world where we have people who think and believe differently than myself. I don’t want JUST my favourite political party. I don’t want to live in an echo chamber of my own thoughts/beliefs. Please, allow others to theirs!

- No support, absolute resistance

- When people are being forced to do something that doesn't logically make sense, of course they are going to search for some explanation which becomes conspiracy theory. By forcing the population into a mandated vaccine, opposition is naturally created. Giving out all the information is always a better way, as is diversity instead of a single solution for all. Especially when that single solution hasn't prevented the spread, hasn't stopped masks. It's only taken away jobs and created a lot of stress which suppresses the immune system.

- Loss of freedom

- What evidence do they have to keep it? As far as I can tell every health measure implemented has not helped, and from what I can see has made things much worse socially, and in regards to health.

- It has turned our province into a have and have not nightmare! My 12 year old grandson felt pressured into getting the BC passport so he could participate in activities. So wrong to let a healthy 12 year old unknowingly participate in clinical trials, having been told vaccines are safe!

- * so divisive *manipulative

- Discrimination towards unvaxed

- Everyone is able to access ESSENTIAL things. A passport isn't required for grocery shopping or all forms of travel. It is only the high risk spaces that require them, and the non essential things such as entertainment. Everyone should always have access to essential things regardless of vaccination status, but things like public entertainment are not essential.

- More government control and it won’t stop there.

- Complete support. Wish it went further.

-Used inconsistently, why do vaccinated have limits to occupancy to events

-It has no effect so why use it. This takes Canadian freedoms of choice away

-This is segregation it’s not something that can be fairly supported

-Segregation, us vs. them, scapegoating, a very matrow fear based approach to health

- Segregation

- The passport program has not prevented transmission of the virus. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people are getting sick regardless. The passports only serve to segregate, and this segregation is ruining lives.

-It will cost the taxpayer lots and only benefit the vaccine manufacturers. It will protect no one and great a 2 teer society.

-Absolutely concerned as this is stamping on our rights as free individuals

-It is against our charter of freedom and rights

What are your thoughts (negative or positive) regarding BC Passport Program or current covid, vaccine, mental health, etc. matters within our communities.

- My heart goes out to those who are isolated, alone, with less social life or supports etc of being able to hang in there for the long haul.

- These passports are hurting families. I know many people who have been injured by taking the first shot and now in a place where they are being punished for not taking the second shot not just from flying or restaurants, but participating in activities with their kids. Doctors are refusing to write exemptions due to fears of loosing nces. Noththeir liceing good has come of these passports. The government has created such a fear of the virus that people are accepting discrimination and being praised for it. In 39 years of living in BC, I have never seen so much hate towards neighbours and people who have different views. It disgusts me to call myself a Canadian at this point.

- There is no pandemic

- I think the whole thing is harmful on every level. It is hurting business's that implement it, dividing the community, and frankly as a person who is not vaccinated I'm not sure I'll ever spend money at places that deny me service again, even if this passport thing should go away. Funding business's that enforce nazi style mandates is less desirable then lighting those dollars on fire in their parking lot.

-I think it provides some sense of security and a little bit of comfort for people who have been very worried during the pandemic.

- I see the mandates, orders, media coverage, as misguided. Surely these actions do not represent the caring, compassionate and respectful citizens of BC. Kindness, love and understanding should be promoted not segregation, hate, and fear.

- A so called pandemic can’t be measured by testing , the true measure is hospitalization

- In the space of two years are society has been turned upside down, ruled by fear and coercion. I’ve lost my job because of the Vaccine Passport Mandate. So wrong!

- Negative outlook in general

-The vaccine passport only divides people. Dividing people only accomplishes fear and hate. Living in a community full of fear and hate is never healthy. Freedom and choice and sharing and support creates a healthy community. Inclusivity and non racism are current topics or culture are trying to achieve, and yet in the midst of that, government (or corporations one is led to believe) are creating exclusivity. Our own PM calling people not vaccinated mostly racist. Please stop this madness.

-I am shocked that a life-saving vaccine became so politicized because of one person (Trump), and spilled over into Canada and around the world. As a result, we are 18 months into a pandemic that could have been shut down a year ago. I do not understand how wearing a mask infringes on your perceived rights and freedoms. I think our population has become insanely spoiled and does not realize how depend it is on the very society is isn't valuing enough to protect.

-We need our MLA’s and town council to start lessening to BOTH sides. We are ALL tax payers and our voices should be heard!

-Social media gives too many uneducated opinions a outlet

-I think it is wrong and is and will continue to cause problems in all aspects. People are losing their empathy for each other and causing division,

-Our government is not taking a rational approach and is scaring people of all opinions. It doesnt put trust in the people. Punitive measurements and othering is something we were supposed to be leaving in the past.

-The passports divide, when we need to connect. The virus is now mild, the numbers are manipulated. It is time to end this nonsense, hire back our nurses and doctors, open the economy, and let people gather.

-We say we care about death- so we protect the vulnerable by getting vaxxed. But then we don’t place as high of value on mental health and overdose death, surgery and delayed medical treatments, leading to worsening or death. we say we are protecting the health care system from overwhelm. We have had the same narrative for two years. And yet, what is being done to fix the bottleneck problem? Fix the capacity of the medical system! We fired healthcare workers.... rather than hiring more. We are now allowing covid positive and a-symptoms healthcare workers to go to work, yet healthy and perhaps even immune workers who were not vaxxed are not allowed to work. Children are at very low risk of adverse events from covid and a much higher risk of adverse events from the jab. When in history have we ever sacrificed our children to save our elderly?!

-If you want to get the vaccine and feel safe getting it, please by all means get the shot. In the same breath please do not coerce other into doing something they do not feel is right

-So many lies and hidden truths which breeds no trust or faith in health mandates. All government individuals that have been in office must step down.

-Absolutely nothing good has come from the passport. It has only gone against our rights and divided our country/communities/families.

Personal note: these comments are NOT TO FEED the drama and division amongst us but to rather gain a glimpse to the different experiences people are having…and possibly draw on some curiosity and a desire to connect and understand one another better… find that middle ground where we can explore ideas and solutions together.

Do not feed hate and quick judgements… I believe we are in a time of truly looking inward and calling on our honour and strength to do our own inner work and find the ways to forgive ourselves for our ignorance towards others, remembering that when we point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Growing in self-awareness and healing is a long and wonderful journey to walk along when you share in it with others. None of us are perfect but we all have a beautiful light within that wants to shine. I believe as we do our inner healing, learning, growing work that the light gets stronger and less burdened with our wounds and pasts, and our courage to shine brighter will inspire and empower others to do the same.

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