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Somewhere in the middle is the truth...hearing from another side

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Please visit CBC or other mainstream news and media sources for the other side(s). As you likely know it is very dominant in what mainstream media promotes. I have attached some recent news from the other side here so it is easier to find. I will continue to add to this post as more things come up… I am hoping for the truth to come clear for us all and that love and unity will prevail. Being open to hearing and exploring both/all sides is important, I believe.

*Mostly to do with the Freedom Convoy*

Check out this interview with the Freedom Convoy organizers. First Live Press Conference

Click image or link:

Ottawa Press Conference- February 3, 2022

CTV clip:

Behind the Scenes: Facebook Live from Ottawa Press Conference- February 3, 2022 -

A Happy little instagram share:

Western Standard: Exclusive sit-down with Kyle Kemper, half brother and active critic of Justin Trudeau

Some other voices from members in parliament and a police officer and .....

-note this is the first time that I have really checked out the house of commons to "political theatre" is all I can say at this time...but I am happy to hear some politicians standing up for those "fringe" folks finally...

Candice Bergen addressing racist comments

Powerful considerations made in Parliament with Poilievre and Holland.

Link to True North Website:

Police Officer report on the scene:

Stumbled on this one by accident and thought worth sharing here as well. Thank you Poilievre!!! Please answer the question Trudeau....

Brian Peckford:--- Empowering speech about Charter of Rights and Freedoms and addresses democracy.

Just got this from a friend in Ottawa-- he shares lots of links I have not checked out yet but sharing here...

Jason Ehrlich Facebook post: Link to post or read below

“PLEASE SHARE!!! Get this out there to as many people as you can.

Over the last three 3 days, I've been walking down to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I've been recording footage and actually watching the events unfold. Later in the day, I return to my hotel room and watch CBC and CTV News. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS NOT COVERING THIS STORY ACCURATELY OR FAIRLY. CBC is funded by our federal government, and they receive well over a billion dollars per year. It has never been more clear to me, that the mainstream media are controlled by our government, and their narrative. I can also say that within 3 days, I have decided I will never again vote for the political party that I've voted for over the last 22 years. I'm stating this all with 100% honesty..

I have a lot of photos and videos that I'll try to get out over time, with more of the details.

There are a few online media sources, which at first I thought were a bit on the extreme side, but they are now proving to be accurate. I highly recommend these online news sources: (Canadian based) (Canadian based) (Calgary based) (US based)

Try to get these media sources out to as many people as you can. They are doing a great job of covering the story and facts accurately. Its urgent to awaken as many people as we can, before its too late!!!.

Here is an example. This footage was taken in Toronto,. This is 100% I am experiencing here in Ottawa. Take a look.

Freedom Rally in Smithers--- Inspiring Video!!

Shared on facebook:

A letter to those who oppose the Freedom Convoy.

Dear, human being.

We see you, and we love you.

We hear your concerns. Believe me, we do. We know you’re afraid. We know you are living in a completely different reality. We know you trust and believe in something we don’t. We know how much it matters to you. And we love you.

We hear the scoffs, the ridicule, your accusations and disapproval. We feel the persecution, the unjust cruelty. We’ve read the threats and the hatred. We’ve endured the long, drag through the mud. And it hurts. But we love you.

We know how scary it is, to lift the blindfold off. To remove the mask. To actually consider for a moment… That you might have been lied too. We’ve all crossed that bridge already. We understand. We don’t think you’re stupid, we know that you’ve been well played. We all have. We have so much compassion for you. We are not waiting to condemn you with “I told you so’s” and ridicule. We are waiting to welcome you into open arms. We are waiting for you to break free from hatred and fear, and flee, towards love and freedom. We’re here when you’re ready, and we love you.

We won’t hold anything against you. And even if you don’t come around, we forgive you. And we love you. We see the burden you carry. We see the chains and the shackles. We see the empty chalice on your table. We see the denial and the hatred written on your heart. We know the enemy forged your signature. And we see you, the human being underneath it all. We see it all stacked up on your shoulders and we want to relieve you of your burdens. Because we love you.

That’s why we’re doing this. This is about love and truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. But love is honest. Whether or not you know God, it’s okay for all of us to find comfort, strength, and encouragement from His word. And from those of us that do know Him, we pray for you. We pray in Jesus name that you may have eyes to see the truth. We pray that He comfort you, and be with you and release you from your fear.

We love you. We love our nation. We love the truth. We love justice. We love freedom. We love our brothers and sisters over seas and across the globe. We love you enough to endure the attacks against all odds. And whether you’re for, or against us… We love you anyways.

Love from, the unacceptable selfish fringe.

“God keep our land”

- Hannah Rae Dieleman

Personal comment:

I am a proud Trucker's daughter and always have been!! HUGE HEARTS have I witnessed in many truckers and other industrial workers I have had the pleasure to connect with throughout my life. TO NOTE: The energy I have towards all this is of LOVE only. I DO NOT support or agree with any ill actions (from signs, symbols, violence, etc...) that are made from individuals or groups within or outside of this movement. I can not control or predict what may come but...I hear interviews, like the press conference linked in this post, and see other posts and messages from those I know that are there and I trust that this movement at it's core has the desire for Love and Unity and that is what I will feed towards it...the Good stuff!!! NOT the bad stuff. We all know that social and mainstream media is I seek out those I know and navigate as best as possible. Also note: when I see signs with swear words or/and attacks on Trudeau it bothers me and I hope that we all, including myself!, continue to evolve, heal ourselves and grow towards greater loving consciousness more and more throughout this journey.

I continue to hold us all in my prayers and heart. That each individual strives to call themselves to honour again and again throughout these days, months, years to come. Love and Unity are the only way outta this mess. Seek out our connections, celebrate our differences, support, heal and grow/evolve together . xoxoxo

Link to Convoy for Freedom Bear Hug

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