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Striving for greater understanding, connection and harmony- sharing my thoughts...

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

"Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds. Dr. Maté gives us a new vision: a trauma-informed society in which parents, teachers, physicians, policy-makers and legal personnel are not concerned with fixing behaviors, making diagnoses, suppressing symptoms and judging, but seek instead to understand the sources from which troubling behaviors and diseases spring in the wounded human soul."

I made this video of my thoughts on things and some clips for easy access to hopefully open the eyes of others that may not be seeing all that is/has gone on if only tapped into one narrative.

Links to videos in above video:

Freedom Convoy leader Tom Marazzo held a press conference Saturday afternoon amid overwhelming police force that began on Friday in...

Links to other clips in video: before-being-trampled-.html fbclid=IwAR1qvCyeAQ0wnAyCk__lIr4dSqe4mlohzZBOZT0pQi1AG_Les0hXfLq8GHk

Inspiring video: She speaks beautifully

Actress Evangeline Lilly calls on PM Trudeau to make unifying Canadians his priority right now.

She seems to be asking him to employ the most Canadian of all virtues: diplomacy, negotiation and compromise - virtues that have kept us peaceful and prosperous for 152 years.

Other short intriguing links to check out:

House of Commons recently refuses to address simple WEF question...Why?? ... why can there be no dialogue around these matters that are troubling many Canadians?

Schwab admits he controls Trudeau cabinet of Canada now and the world

here is the original... go to 1 hour :08 min for it...

Trudeau speaks in this one about the Canadian Opportunity:

Flashback: Trudeau Praises China Dictatorship

Trudeau says Canada will not stop calling out China for "coercive diplomacy"

This is interesting here as well about how conspiracy theory grew... I am not sure on any of this stuff.... I just want more dialogue around vaccinations, mandates/passports, vaccine injuries and this Canadian opportunity and WEF with Trudeau and Cabinet members?

Note: I find all these above links interesting and confusing???-- why are we not more informed about these major things going on regarding the direction of our country...

FROM OTTAWA: Legal experts denounce Trudeau “power grab” MPP Randy Hillier, along with Professor of Law Bruce Pardy, Ottawa criminal lawyer David Anber, Ottawa family lawyer and bencher Cecil Lyon,...

Hugs with officers-

Crazy how rumours spread:

Note: my other blogs have more links as well and there are lots of other resources out there if curious such as ...

Recent FB Post I feel called to share here:

“Yes one of the primary responsibilities of any government is to keep its citizens safe, but one of the other responsibilities is to keep us free and true to our values and getting that balance right in a responsible way as opposed to a way that raises fears and anxieties is I think what people are looking for”. Quote from World Economic Forum in 2016 made by Trudeau. Yes! Canadians want a responsible way as opposed to fears and anxieties… open dialogue with scientists, health professionals and concerned citizens would be amazing. February 14 that option was there! A motion to work on a PLAN to end mandates and passports…why was this not a good option and FORCE was a better choice? … the wording of the motion is NOT a good excuse to choose violence and force instead. Quoting Global News “aggressive presence, much more rapid, they cleared all of Wellington street and side streets in a day in something that experts thought might take as long as a week to do”. WHY so easy??? Because it was Canadians striving to maintain a noisey but peaceful protest to have their questions and concerns heard and addressed. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms still means something to some of us. There is something very wrong with what is going on right now… to silence a group by projecting hate and labels on them months ago is not right and you know that… I know you do not agree with Trudeaus statements towards people like me (I am double vaxxed and NOT racist and terrorist) and I do not think my view against the mandate/passports (where people lose jobs, are discriminated and judged by others) is unacceptable because I honour and respect where others are at regarding their own personal health conditions and concerns. We need to be able to hear other perspectives on the science behind all this covid, vaccine stuff…2 years have passed and to stick with only one solution is insane to me. Please do not vote for the Emergency (War) Act. It does not speak truth to what Trudeau once preached back in 2016. Once again posting these things is super vulnerable and taking up my life lately but it feels very important to me. I have to express these concerns as many people have gone to judgements too quickly and not seen the full picture... I have given zero money to anything and I am not a violent protester of any sort so war act does not affect me personally but I do want to be able to express my concerns and questions in the future and that is what I fear has greatly been lost over these last couple years. WE ALL are going through challenging times right now... some choose to fully not engage and some have no choice but to engage because their lives are effected by the one solution plan and some choose to engage because they have friends that they can not turn their back on. May peace and harmony and greater understanding come for us all. There are many beautiful pieces to this puzzle of life

Link to short clip with the quotes above in it: Link to the entire World Economic Forum in 2016: Link to Global News: hopefully it will take you to it… it is a tricky link to follow--second video. Link to video from the convoy—yes noisey but well over majority attempt to be peaceful

Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, Ho’oponopono: watch all the series--this is the link to the first one.

Ho’oponopono: How to practice it in 4 simple steps:

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