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Surveys For Community Feedback

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Intention of these surveys is to provide space to be heard during this pandemic and beyond, where many have felt unheard or safe to express their concerns, questions, experiences, etc.

The desire is to have a safe place to be heard. There is no obligation or expectation to share your name or answer all questions. It is a place to share your story in regards to questions that are being asked. Share as much as you like while holding to your honour.

One goal is to start a podcast where I will read out responses so that these voices can be heard. I will also share these response with our political parties/members by emailing them links to the blog survey response pages. I will update the response pages as new responses come in. I am open to other ideas as well.

You can see an example here:

I believe that having different opinions, thoughts, concerns, stories shared on the same page is a powerful action in itself towards fostering connection among us and a greater understanding of all the different and similar experiences that are being lived.

"Dr. Maté gives us a new vision: a trauma-informed society in which parents, teachers, physicians, policy-makers and legal personnel are not concerned with fixing behaviors, making diagnoses, suppressing symptoms and judging, but seek instead to understand the sources from which troubling behaviors and diseases spring in the wounded human soul."

Wisdom of Trauma documentary with Gabor Mate:

Link to Surveys:

1. Sharing Concerns and Questions around the BC Passport Program

2. Hearing from the People in our community

3. Hearing from the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

4. Questions around Vaccine Injured beyond and including the usual and expected symptoms

5. Hearing from the Youth and their experience around covid, vaccinations and all that is going on

6. Hearing from Health Care Workers and Professionals around covid, vaccinations and all that is going on

7. Hearing from Businesses, Private and Public Sector Workers during these challenging times

8. Sharing Ideas, Solutions and Calls to Action towards an on-growing Healthy Thriving Conscious Community and Beyond....

"A rumble is a discussion, conversation, or meeting defined by a commitment to lean into vulnerability, to stay curious and generous, to stick with the messy middle of problem identification and solving, to take a break and circle back when necessary, to be fearless in owning our parts, and, as psychologist Harriet Lerner teaches, to listen with the same passion with which we want to be heard." Brene Brown

She has many great ted talks and other resources.

Personal note: these survey comments are NOT TO FEED the drama and division amongst us but to rather gain a glimpse to the different experiences people are having…and possibly draw on some curiosity and a desire to connect and understand one another better… find that middle ground where we can explore ideas and solutions together.

Do not feed hate and quick judgements… I believe we are in a time of truly looking inward and calling on our honour and strength to do our own inner work and find the ways to forgive ourselves for our ignorance towards others, remembering that when we point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Growing in self-awareness and healing is a long and wonderful journey to walk along when you share in it with others. None of us are perfect but we all have a beautiful light within that wants to shine. I believe as we do our inner healing, learning, growing work that the light gets stronger and less burdened with our wounds and pasts, and our courage to shine brighter will inspire and empower others to do the same.

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