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Touching on many things over these past few months

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Jamie McCartney again. Truly I am grateful for open, vulnerable, sincere and curious discussions like these. It helps me organize my thoughts and gain clarity on how I can best serve towards solutions for my own peace of mind and well-being, as well as for others.

I want to make a statement that I am Deeply Grateful to all those that have continued to be curious and step out of their comfort zones. So many individuals have and continue to contribute hours upon hours towards bringing more balance to our systems and ensuring other perspectives are heard and taken into consideration. I do not know what truth is for each person or what the best solutions are...and I believe that that is a journey for each of us to figure out for ourselves. And I believe that being open to other perspectives is a key part in truly discovering that truth whatever it may be. Anyways...I am so excited to be moving forward from the past many months where I got gripped into the desperation for considering other perspectives, the fear of being misunderstood and judged and the many hurts that get stirred up for me when I don't really fit the mainstream. Time heals all and I no longer feel the desperation and I thank the Truckers and SO MANY OTHERS for all the courageous conversations, energy and effort contributed towards bringing awareness to the "fringe" concerns and questions. Thank you for your courage to shine bright, to be curious and to seek for greater understanding around matters that affect many of us in profound ways. It has been such an honour to witness the growth towards greater self-awareness, healing, desire for love, peace, community, well-being and much more within myself and many of those I have had the pleasure to interact with over these many months. I am deeply blessed with my friends new and old and I truly am excited for the next chapter of this journey :)

Discussion with Jamie on Various Current Events March/April 2022

I feel called to acknowledge Jamie’s willingness and courage to speak his concerns and thoughts around controversial issues. I am inspired by his awareness, insights and compassion towards all sectors of our populations. His accomplishment as an Olympic level coach truly stands out and makes sense with his sincere desire to strive towards strong leadership qualities and to practice what he preaches. Jamie’s passion for health (mind and body), empowerment, to lead by example and self-sufficiency; his curiousity, humility and desire to learn more; and his desire to contribute towards greater health and well-being for our community, province and country is Outstanding and Inspiring. We are all on a journey and I am grateful to be able to chat with people like Jamie. I truly appreciate his engagement and insights into these current events.

Once again we talked for a long time…it is hard to keep it short and simple! We talked about NDP platform and Liberal union, leadership, impact on small businesses and working class, government raises, environment and energy resource concerns, pfizer report, mandates/passports ending April 8, government website link for social credit system, etc.

I have broken the video into 5 parts and have attached links to other resources referred to in each part description. Note: I may be adding more links to resources over time.

(I must remind you that I am not a professional at any of this and that the intention of all these past and current posts are to promote more communication, curiousity and understanding of other perspectives and experiences working towards greater connection, compassion, healing and growth-moving forward contributing to greater well-being, empowerment and joy for us ALL.) Note: It would be wonderful to interview someone with different perspectives on some of these matters. Please reach out if keen.

Note: conversation points in black, resources in blue, links in red or underlined

Part 1

Link to video:

o NDP past platform to now where they have united with Liberals…

-Rex Murphy- I truly appreciate the perspective shared by Rex who has been around for a long time and way more engaged in Canada politics than I ever have or will be.

o European Pariliament comments and concerns around democracy—MEPs speak out.

-This is a great clip not seen on seems like Europe has similar concerns around media reporting and the events over the last couple years. "Watch till the end. EU Exposing the Pandemic and even thanking the Canadian Truckers for standing up"

-National Post:

-Toronto Sun:

o Truckers Convoy- many may have not liked it but it made us all pay attention to the questions and concerns many have had over these past couple years. Do these mandates make sense anymore?... PLEASE check out Trucker Convoy links at bottom of page--they were not so bad after all! The Veteran talk and tribute video are powerful.

-Rex Murphy: Will anyone apologize for falsely accusing truckers of arson in Ottawa?

-Link to Post with video footage of all the accusations towards the Truckers for arson:


-SUPER AWESOME Podcast to check out-- Interview with Dan Bulford --a sincere lived view into the events around the convoy. Worth a listen especially if you have not heard much from this side of the narratives. Thank you Shaun Newman for these conversations.

o Alberta’s provincial leadership, regarding the blockades at the Coutts border crossing, chose to take their constituents concerns and questions into consideration and navigate a way to meet the needs on all sides, as best as possible...

o April 8 removal of the mandates and passports, but what is the fine print that many do not see or read about...

o The effectiveness of the vaccine now and questions around that…

I feel called to add this here: If you feel called to-- sign by May 8, 2022


Part 2

Link to video:

  • Why are PCR tests no longer required for flights yet the unvaccinated, even if they have had covid, can still not fly within their own country. (check out link at bottom of page for Dr. Astrid Struckelberger PHD)

  • Brian Peckford and Charter of Rights and Freedoms

-Another AWESOME podcast by Canadian Shaun Newman

Brian Peckford--- Outstanding man--it is so neat to learn about our history through a man that lived it. This podcast is a wonderful look into how our Constitution Act 1982- Charter of Rights and Freedoms came about... So grateful that Brian Peckford stood up back in 1981 and is once again, at the age of 80, passionately standing up for our rights and freedoms. What heart!! I honour him greatly for all his time and energy towards this for the greater good of us all.


-Canadian Constitutional Crisis- Brian Peckford with Jordan Peterson

  • The change in Justin Trudeau since 2016 talk at World Economic Forum, the We charity scandals and more.

-Trudeau cleared in WE charity scandal, Morneau should have recused himself, ethics watchdog says·

- 'Nobody believes you': Poilievre grills Trudeau as he testifies over WE Charity controversy.

-Trudeau speaks in this one about the Canadian Opportunity:

-House of Commons recently refuses to address simple WEF question...Why?? ... why can there be no dialogue around these matters that are troubling many Canadians?

-Schwab admits he controls Trudeau cabinet of Canada now and the world

-Flashback: Trudeau Praises China Dictatorship

-Trudeau says Canada will not stop calling out China for "coercive diplomacy"

-"Is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the world?"

  • The social credit system on government website ---hmmm what is conspiracy?...

-First one is from 2018 and is about the social credit system, then by 2021 we have government website grooming Canadian businesses to prepare for business with china's system:

1. Government of Canada website 2018 - Big data and the social credit system: The security consequences

2. Government of Canada website 2021- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

Part 3

Link to video:

  • Discuss the influences of money/job security that is put onto everyone and the pressures put onto small businesses regarding the passports

  • Back to NDP and Liberal uniting… our confusion around this

  • Discuss leadership -- how increased government jobs and more RAISES while many others are barely making it by doesn't make sense to us.

-Why good leaders make you feel safe- Ted Talk by Simon Sinek 2014

"He said, 'It's better that we should all suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot.'" CEO Bob Chapman.

-MP pay raises set for same day Canadians see hike in carbon tax:

-Poll nearly 8 in 10 Canadians against MP pay raise:

-Global news- BC cabinet pay raise opposition

  • Health and education and engagement in politics

  • Media and where do we find the truth… somewhere in the middle?

-Video and article on CBC perspective and what others see regarding European reports. CBC lies about standing ovation... (I don't know what the truth is but somewhere in the middle I guess)

This first link is GREAT to watch to the end as one of the Europe MEP's speaks and it is beautiful to see her appreciation for the Canadians questioning matters and wanting more transparency. You will not see this on mainstream.




Part 4

Link to video:

  • Vaccines--- looking back to when they were first promoted

  • Medias role in vaccine and politics and the breakdown of our trust in the media sources, healthcare systems and politics.

  • Gabor Mate’s podcast where he addresses the effects of trauma on politicians and our societies.

-Gabor Mate & Russell Brand- damage leaders rule the world

  • Look at the Pfizer reports and lack of transparency

-Dr Campbell--- check out his reviews of the report and other matters. He seems to have an open perspective on many of the matters in concern.

Pfizer reports:

Pericarditis after vaccine:

Bill Gates and Lessons from Africa:

  • Why did we not value the other data from other countries that were ahead of us in the vaccination process...

  • Questions to why passports continued for so long, when there were/are serious concerns and questions around the vaccines and lack of exemptions for those with severe adverse reactions to vaccine.

  • CDC coding error and misinformation, and the questioning around VAERS for tracking adverse events in the USA and beyond.



  • Rebuilding trust requires more transparency and open communication

Part 5

Link to video:

  • Discuss the greater good and how things were approached and tended to over these past couple years and some of the main concerns for some Canadians who do not want governments to have full control

  • Bill C-11, Bill C-10. Freedom of speech and expression concerns....this stuff is over my head... here are some links...


  • NDP and Liberal majority rule decisions is a scary concept…working together to create more government power. Pushing through with agendas

-"If Bill 67 Passes...this is what Canada will look like." Rex Murphy and Jordan Peterson

about schools... I love Rex's overview--worth a listen! we must get more curious about our future direction....

why we need to be careful....

  • Our current financial crisis in our country and the affect it has on all of us, especially future generations.

-Once again Grateful for Rex Murphy and his perspective on this scary time of leadership and what is being created for our future generations--regarding Canada and climate change

  • Energy sources and our environment. How Canada still has strong environmental practices compared to many countries and how we could be a thriving nation if we were more self-sufficient. We could serve other countries greater, if we were secure in our own resources, needs and care of our people.

One example group:

-Trudeau thinks that veterans are asking for too much money. (watch to end and see where it's more important to put money towards)

-Veteran speaks about Convoy:

-Neglect towards our Veterans:

  • More talk around strong leadership and practicing what we preach

More links that I feel called to share/re-share:

I am grateful for people like Dr Astrid Stuckelberger PHD for asking questions and speaking up.

Link to short clip to why she feels called to speak out:

Link to full Interview- very interesting...

To acknowledge again that the Truckers and "fringe" minorities were not all bad after all…

I am posting this again-- it is an awesome interview and overview of Convoy-- from a veteran perspective.

Thank you Rex Murphy for acknowledging the on-going disrespect towards fellow Canadians.


Link to Post with video footage of all the accusations towards the Truckers for arson:


CTV briefly acknowledges it:


GoFundMe head testifies over Freedom Convoy fundraising, says most donors were Canadian

Powerful Tribute to the Freedom Convoy- Please watch :)

-this video brought me tears---there are so many different perspectives out there...I am grateful to have witness the hearts of so many over these past months, with their sincere concerns and questions regarding our well-being and future generations. The personal growth and unity I have felt among the many I have journeyed with has been beyond beautiful and I believe we will all continue to evolve to greater acts of love and ways to connect rather than divide. We are all amazing people and on a journey towards a better way for us all to thrive. Continue to choose love, light, dancing, bouncy castles and snow forts to fend off the fear of tanks, snipers, and force.

Video I made to honour this convoy journey and all that was stirred:

Also posting again--- if you feel called to sign....

(Please forget the party and look at content)


Also want to add these :

I appreciate Russel Brand's efforts to keep us engaged, curious and informed.... Also JP has some interesting points as well on WEF and Klaus--you will own nothing and be happy...hmmm... Some may discredit these guys BUT their resources can be found and I appreciate their humor, as this all is truly ridiculous and I find myself feeling like this is all just a movie...similar to how I felt when I saw the plane hit the towers on TV news on 9/11....doesn't seem real but humans have done some crazy stuff-- holocaust wasn't even a century ago.... I also appreciate reading the comments from others.

It all makes sense now! - Russel Brand

-"Is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the world?"

-Just for fun I will add--- Russel Brand on Will Smith slap and much more....

after 11 min mark he makes some great points!! worth a listen---

Get your groove on :) at 38 min is one of my favourite beats :)

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